9th Century Feudal Latin Vocabulary

Feudal Latin Vocabulary for the 9th Century


This page provides a summary of terms that are commonly found as technical terminology in the study of Latin texts, such as the in polyptique of the Abbey of Montier-en-Der, and their meanings.

Many of the entries below are from the glossaries provided by the analysis of Carolingian Polyptiques by the team at the University of Leicester. Additional texts might be found in the Monumenta Germaniae Historica.

Alphabetical List

Letter A

  • aspiciunt, pres ind act 3rd pl of aspicere, to look at, behold; here: to witness (for the inquest)

Letter D

  • denarios, masc acc pl of denarius. "containing ten each"; here: a Roman coin

Letter M

  • mansum, masc acc sg of mansus, a dwelling (from manere, to abide); here: either the manor or the family dwelling
  • modios, masc acc pl of modium, a measure of grain

Letter O

  • ovis, neut abl or dat pl of ovum, egg

Letter P

  • pullos. masc pl acc f pullum, the young animal, the foal; here: chicken

Letter S

  • solidos, masc acc pl of solidus, undivided; here: a Roman gold coin
  • solvit, pres ind act 3rd sg of solvere, to release; here: to owe
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